Sunday, November 11, 2012

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Breakup 2012, Bieber Opens Up In Radio Interview

Justin Bieber, the "Boyfriend" singer, 18, talked about his breakup with Gomez, twenty, his girlfriend of very years, in a Saturday interview with Open House Party radio show host John Garabedian, according to Yahoo.

Justin Bieber addressed his rumored breakup with Selena Gomez in a recent radio show interview, however, his answer might still be leaving fans wondering what the actual story is about the couple's relationship.

"I don't know what to say," Bieber said when asked if he had any comment about the breakup rumors. "I don't know if -- in the event you even know what is going on in my life, so to even assess that doesn't make any sense, because I have not made any comments."

His statement neither confirmed nor denied the split, but nevertheless the singer took to Twitter to thank his fans for their support, adding on Sunday, "Regardless of what happens I see all of the tweets and all the love you guys are sending me. Thank u. Love u ."

"It's not simple," a source told the journal. "But the relationship needed to finish."

People journal confirmed on Friday that a breakup did in fact occur over a week ago, with Gomez being the to finish things.

The publication added that signs hinted to the relationship finally falling apart, such as sources telling People that the couple were fighting, that Gomez was "crying over Justin" at point, and with Bieber posting pics on his Instagram with captions proposing he was single. photograph of him alone was captioned "lingse," which fans were speedy to note spelled "single" when the letters are moved around. The photograph has since been removed.

After Bieber performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Nov. 7, he was seen spending time in New York City with model Barbara Pavlin, 19. Together with Bieber's mate Lil' Twist they attending a Broadway showing of "The Lion King." Pavlin confirmed by Twitter that he went to show and Lil' Twist tweeted a photograph of the group. The picture must have caused a stir, however, because it's since been removed.

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