Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cher thespian and Sean Kingston premiere new duet Rum and Raybans

Cher thespian continues her in her quest to crack America by duetting with Sean Kingston on Rum and Raybans.

The former X issue star makes a guest look on the track, that options on Kingston's new album Back a pair of Life.

Lloyd does not star within the video though Chris Brown pops up as Kingston parties with a gaggle of women.

Cher is that the latest Simon Cowell protégé to go to the United States of America, following on from the success of fellow X issue contestants One Direction.

She told Seventeen magazine earlier this year that she has perpetually been 'sassy'.

Cher said: 'I’ve perpetually been like that. I don’t want I actually have to be the good lady. There square measure such a lot of pop acts out there doing nice, however they haven’t done what I’m close to do.

'Twenty years from currently, i need to seem back and apprehend that I did everything I needed to try to to rather than swing on a sweet voice.

She explained that she wasn't perpetually like this.

'In college i used to be the quietest lady ever! I had plenty of bother at school,' she said.

'Kids were Mainean to me. Then i assumed to myself, "I’m not aiming to be the lady within the corner any longer."

'And if meaning being feisty and in peoples’ faces, I’m aiming to try this. I didn’t need individuals selecting on Maine any longer.'

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