Thursday, November 8, 2012

DVD Review: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Starring Peter Garfield and Emma Stone


The superb Spider-Man — Due out Fri, director brandy Webb's franchise resuscitate casts Peter United States President within the persona and Emma Stone as his old flame, Gwen Stacy. Spectacular camera work, that way surpass those within the guided missile Raimi triad, function a welcome distraction from the rehashed, been-there, done-that story. Rhys Ifans checks in because the psychoneurotic human United Nations agency mutates himself into the humdrum villain The Lizard, and Martin shininess, Sally Field and Denis Timothy Leary sign on with unforgettable supporting roles. I enjoyed the show as silly action fare, however expected additional from Webb, United Nations agency had such a promising debut with the good (500) Days of Summer. The Blu-ray/DVD/digital copy band spins an internet of extras, together with film maker statement, ninety minutes of background docs, deleted scenes, stunt rehearsals and a second screen app meant for tablets that fills you in on background information as you watch the show.

Arthur Christmas — within the eccentric person British answer to The Year while not a Father Christmas, James McAvoy voices Arthur, the zit-faced son of Father Christmas (Jim Broadbent). foiled that his pops has gone callous and company — not caring that he is skipped a toddler on legal holiday — Arthur takes it upon himself to create things right, entering into over his head. oldsters United Nations agency get or order this film doltishly could mistake this show as Associate in Nursing extension of the pleasant PBS show Arthur, et al. can in all probability simply be bored. perhaps I watched the film too early within the season, however it's efforts to tug on the sentimental Christmas love did not register. The Blu-ray/DVD band encompasses a featurette that takes you within the animation method, also as a kind of mock info video meant to recruit elves.

Disney homework & Landing all Tinsel assortment (includes homework & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice) Blu-ray — The try of Christmas-themed TV specials can in all probability air on TV within the coming back weeks, however if you do not trust your DVR you'll decide them up along during this set. wanting spruce in HD, the comedies concentrate on military-like supply that elves calculate as they arrange out gift delivery. each ar pleasant and rewatchable, that is sweet as a result of your youngsters can force you to sit down through them many times. Extras embrace a try of short films, also as some humorous  "behind the scenes" pitches.

Entourage: the whole Series Blu-ray — All eight seasons of HBO's unrelentingly upbeat, living-the-dream phantasy take in a astonishingly compact 18-disc package. Adrian Grenier plays a star actor United Nations agency goes through ups and downs, taking his band of hangers-on (Kevin Maureen Catherine Connolly, German Ferrara and Kevin Dillon) on for the ride. The series started robust and peaked in its fourth and fifth seasons, eventually changing into a silly self-satire with gratuitous amounts of guest stars Associate in Nursingd Jeremy Piven's once sensible caricature of an egotistical agent devolving into farce. Even on the downhill slide, though, it absolutely was one in every of the simplest sitcoms ever created. The set overflows with bonus options, together with plenty of under-the-table featurettes and interviews, also as commentaries for many episodes.

Planes, Trains & cars twenty fifth day of remembrance Blu-ray — The 1987 John Hughes Thanksgiving classic came out on Blu-ray a year past in what was beaked as a Best get exclusive, and this unharness seems to be constant version, dressed up as Associate in Nursing day of remembrance unharness. John Candy plays a lonely, desperate-to-please soul United Nations agency meets Associate in Nursing overstrung jerk (Steve Martin), whom he haplessly helps try and get home. The bitter funny, showing emotion devastating dramedy is one in every of the foremost rewatchable movies ever created. Tributes to Hughes and Candy, United Nations agency have since kicked the bucket, a making-of mini-documentary and a deleted scene structure the extras.

Sunset avenue Blu-ray — Director Billy Wilder's 1950 specimen of medium perfection finally rises in HD, with its elegant black and white motion-picture photography wanting spectacular in a very repaired transfer. William Holden, whose character is dead and narrating from on the far side the grave, plays Associate in Nursing unsuccessful film writer United Nations agency falls in with a former silent lead (Gloria Swanson), discovering perturbing secrets concerning her life and therefore the approach the Hollywood machine has worked through the ages. Some alleged classics desire schoolwork, however Wilder's movies — this stunner and therefore the lodging, specifically — ar utter walking on air to observe once more and once more. The Blu-ray's extras embrace featurettes that analyze many sides of the show, like its film noir influences, Swanson's character, Holden's career and therefore the movie's score.

Take This Waltz — A womb-to-tomb thespian United Nations agency somewhat recently became a writer/director, married woman Polley follows up faraway from Her (2006) with Associate in Nursing torturously poignant anti-romance. Michelle Williams plays her specialty, a pitiably sad girl, married to Associate in Nursing oblivious half-wit (Seth Rogen), United Nations agency engages a immaterial  affair with a person (Luke Kirby) she spends time with on a flight. The guilty Williams character is tortured and glowering, however her despair is a crucial a part of the absorbing tapestry Polley weaves. A try of making-of featurettes spherical out the package.

Your Sister's Sister — Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt type a bitter, bitter and awkward love triangle within the chatty romantic comedy. The friendly Duplass plays a person who's scuffling with the year-ago death of his brother, and Blunt is that the brother's ex United Nations agency has become tight platonic friends with him. She sends him off to remain at an overseas cabin, unaware that her lesbian sister, vie by DeWitt, is fucking there. once Blunt shows up, the trio have interaction in a very fascinating struggle of emotions, deception and lust. Writer/director Lynn Shelton provides statement, with Duplass also as different members of the filmmaking team.

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