Tuesday, October 23, 2012

James Bond-mad Fast Show star squeezes 007 book plots into tweets

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James Bond fanatic Charlie Higson, of Fast Show fame, has celebrated the premiere of Skyfall by squeezing 007 book plots into 140-character tweets.
Bare facts: Bond stories have been summarised to mark Daniel Craig’s return as the superspy in Skyfall, out this week (Pictures: Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer/Columb ia/Eon)
 With his haunting and swimmingly delivered one-liners, James Bond is maybe ideally suited to Twitter.

And currently the silver spy is to be celebrated on the  social network.

Writer and comedian Charlie Higson is popping twelve of the first Bond novels into 140-character tweets to mark tomorrow’s premiere of latest film Skyfall.

‘I was asked to capture the  essence of the books and tie them up and create them amusive for somebody United Nations agency hadn’t browse them,’ aforesaid the 007 enthusiast, United Nations agency has written a series of books regarding Bond as a teen.

‘Also to place in stuff that the $64000 Bond loopy will relate to.’

Fast-paced: Bond fights a baddie on a train in Skyfall (Pictures: Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer/Columb ia/Eon)

As a special taste-tester for tube, The quick Show star has summed up the story and therefore the film version of Quantum Of Solace.

The short story: Host at feast in Nassau tells Bond that the boring couple were truly concerned in a very scandal. No automotive chase, no guns, no explosions

The film: There’s a automotive chase, I think, a villain, I think, one thing regarding associate opera ; water system. fashionable edifice in desert blows up. achieve Skyfall

Despite his data of Ian Fleming’s Bond stories, Higson admitted the project had taken regarding period of diligence.

The 54-year-old said: ‘140 characters isn't abundant area to do to encapsulate the books.

‘Luckily, Ian Fleming’s plots don't seem to be terribly long.

‘They tend to be Bond meets M United Nations agency tells him “this is that the villain go and kind him out” and Bond goes and kinds him out. therefore it’s regarding obtaining the key components and making an attempt to create them match the length.

‘One issue I learnt quite early was 007 is one less character than Bond.’

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