Saturday, October 20, 2012

Christina Aguilera admits she'd rather go commando than wear knickers

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Christina Aguilera has admitted she doesn't like wearing knickers and prefers to go commando.

The singer unconcealed her Dirrty secret throughout AN look on Chelsea Handler's United States talk show Chelsea latterly.

Christina, UN agency recently left her role as a lecturer on the United States version of The Voice, explained she feels freer if she goes while not knickers.

'I loathe to wear underclothing,' the 31-year-old aforesaid.

'I prefer to be as free as potential in any respect times. It's simply UN agency i'm. It's empowering. It's p***y power!'

The host wore hot pants and net tights to conduct the interview, once the pop star challenged her to try to to the show with none trousers on.

'I've detected all concerning the s*** Chelsea has talked concerning ME not being a lover of sporting pants,' Christina aforesaid.

'So after they asked ME to come back on I thought: "I'll have it away, if Chelsea did one factor for me".'

The Your Body singer then told the talk show host: 'You look hot. it is a sensible explore for you!'

News that Christina is happiest while not too several garments on will not come back as a surprise to fans, as she recently unconcealed the quilt of her seventh studio album Lotus options her naked.

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